A couple of guys and a hobby that turned serious...sort of. 

After years of participating in the craft beverage scene, an introduction to Mead started us in an entirely new direction.

Unfortunately the lack of easy accessibility to the best drink around left us feeling left out.  So, we desired to fix that and to figure out just how to make it. Several batches later, and with encouragement from friends and enthusiasts, what started as a hobby has turned into an entrepreneurial endeavor.

It is a similar story to that of so many before us.  

Let us hope to be only half as successful as so many of them, and we'll be able to provide the community with another avenue to procure this hard to find, incredibly fascinating beverage!


15g carboys.jpg

What is Mead?

One of the draws is that Mead can be almost whatever you want it to be.  To say "do you like Mead?" would be like asking "do you like wine?".  It can be sweet.  It can be dry. It can be in between. It can be fruity. it can be tart. It can be hoppy.  It can be still or it can be carbonated. It can be 20% alcohol by volume or as low 6%.

It must be 51% fermented from Honey, and wow, can the type of honey make a difference!

Mead is a Honey-wine, but there is Honey-wine that is not mead. White wine with honey added is not mead, it is a trick.

We've all had bad beer or wine.  We've all had good beer or wine we didn't like.  Tasting one or two meads that don't enthrall you doesn't mean you don't like mead, it just means you haven't found the style you like yet.  Get at it! Explore!  Carbonated meads, still meads, fruit meads, herb meads, thick meads, thin meads, refreshing meads, dessert meads...try all the meads!